Growing Up

Emma fell asleep tonight. On her own. In her own bed. For the first time since she was 5 months old. And she is completely, totally 100% weaned. Finally. Except for the 3 or so times that she was tired and assumed her nursing position, laying down in my arms playing with her hair. I was able to distract her and we moved on. She’s growing up. And for the first time in 13 months I’m only nursing one baby.

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  1. When I read your post, it reminded me of these lyrics:Is this the little girl I carried?Is this the little boy at play?I don't remember growing olderWhen did they?When did she get to be a beauty?When did he grow to be so tall?Wasn't it yesterdayWhen they were small?Sunrise, sunsetSunrise, sunsetSwiftly flow the daysSeedlings turn overnight to sunflowersBlossoming even as we gaze

  2. One of my favorites.

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