Winding Up

I seem to be spending a lot of time sitting and waiting these days, and while I’d love to spend those minutes reading, my attention still needs to be at the ready to help, correct or direct the activities of a little one. Knitting is the perfect activity for those moments.

IMG_3798-2Zach requested a bearded hat for Christmas, so we made a trip to the local yarn shop so he could pick out his colors. One of them came in a hank instead of a ball, and while I could have just wound it by hand, I’m optimistic about my future knitting projects and expect to be purchasing more and more hanks. And while I really would have loved to grab an antique yarn winder, the ones that are in good working condition are out of our budget right now.

IMG_3795-1I found a good winder at a discount price because the box was damaged and ordered it. The Middles had fun winding up the hank we bought, then starting winding up all the tangled bits and balls I’ve had in the crafting basket. Then Zach made some yarn art.  IMG_3817-3I think he’s looking forward to winter a bit, yes?