One Thing

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. About life and dreams and sanctuary and ever after and how little time we have to live our lives fully.

The fairy tales end with, “and they lived Happily Ever After”. But that happily ever after part? That’s the hard part. I mean, during the story, the hero and heroine overcame all sorts of trials and tribulations, and then they just walk into ever after. We don’t read about health and finances and work and children and family and friends and, well, the part of life that isn’t always fairy tale perfect. But isn’t that just as important?

Sometimes we get so preoccupied with life that we forget about living. Somewhere along the way the rules take over and who we really are takes a back seat, and that Ever After life seems like it’s an impossible dream and that there’s no way to find the path back to the life you once imagined. I love reading about people who live passionately and abundantly, fulfilling their dreams, big and small.  So many people have forgotten how to do that, or maybe never knew how.  But what would happen if we did just one thing every day that took us back to that path?

My daily To Do lists are a family joke. If I actually did everything on my list we’d end the day with world peace and no hunger. But lately I’ve scaled back a bit (maybe too much, as I haven’t had a good To Do list in a very long time). I’m trying something new. One thing. What one thing can I do today that takes me toward my Happily Ever After? What one thing can I do that makes my heart smile? It doesn’t have to be big. Sometimes the biggest changes come from the smallest steps.

So tell me. What one thing are you going to do today?

We can get back to living the life of our dreams, one step at a time.