Loving Spring

First of all, this is a completely photo free post. I know. It violates many blog rules. But I’m okay with that. I’d rather post without a photo and have a record of what’s happening in our lives than succumb to the pressure to only post with a photo and then never post at all.

Oh, that’s nice. That no pressure thing. 

So, it’s finally spring in these parts. And while I’m actually a little late doing any planting (peas are supposed to be planted on Patriot’s Day here (I thought it was St. Patrick’s Day, but apparently that was the pea planting schedule for some previous warmer state we lived in).  But I couldn’t seem to coordinate my energy and focus with the weather. So the garden remained in a very sad and sorry state. Full of dead plants and weeds from last year. (I know. I should have taken care of them in the fall, but, um, life? It kind of kept me busy and tending the garden was at the bottom of the list).

But, guess what?? The upper terrace of the vegetable garden is just about cleared and ready for planting.  Woot!  Let’s hear it for a really good day of work and play outside. Go me!!  🙂

(Also, let’s not discuss the second and third terraces, and I think this year we’re going to pretend there isn’t a 4th. Or a 5th. Or a 6th. And we might not do anything at all with the secret garden. Yes, I really do have one. But we might pretend that it hasn’t been discovered yet.)

I was very tempted to play in the dirt in my bare feet. But I didn’t dare as there were some Very Thorny Weeds growing where they ought not grow (which is anywhere in my gardens).  And then there were the Littles, who would have followed in my very bare feet footsteps. And I really didn’t feel like dealing with the dirt. Or the booboos. And my pink polka dot boots made me just as happy as bare feet. 🙂

Dreaming of planting peas. And lettuce. And kale. And anything else that I can plant right now. But my husband just informed me that it will rain this weekend. All weekend. So, perhaps I’m dreaming of some inside seed starting. Oh! That sounds very nice!

(Here are some photos of our garden in summer in case you’ve never visited before.)