New Knitting Project Choices

I have a gift certificate for the local yarn store (Thanks, Mom!) that is calling out for me to finally pick a pattern so I can purchase yarn and get started. And while summer isn’t necessarily known for knitting weather, I do need a project to occupy my hands and I do dream of a new sweater for me.

So, here are a couple of the patterns I’ve found that I’m thinking about. All from Quince and Company.

The Solstice Cardigan  The fake cable would be fun to learn, and it looks like a relatively easy project.


The Odette Cardigan  I love the more fitted waist and the less fitted hips. And the neckline. Dsc_7065_small2

The Belfast Hoodie. I think I’d like the hood in the fall, and the collar pattern reminds me of the yoke pattern in sweaters my Grandmom used to knit for me.


The Annabel Cardigan. Looks very simple and very versatile. I like 3/4 sleeves because they stay out of my way, but if I pick this one I might make them full length.


And then there’s the Ambrosia cardigan. It says it isn’t a difficult pattern, but I wonder how easy it would be to lose my way in that pattern around the shoulders. It’s so pretty though, that it would certainly be worth any extra counting involved, don’t you think?


So, now that I have all my current choice in one place, perhaps I’ll be able to pick one.

( All images are copied from the ravelry pages of each pattern. I’m hoping it’s okay that I used them here. Copyright is such a sticky subject.)

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