A Fitting Song

Late in the day, after gathering together around the table for our evening meal, the Middles take turns with dishes. The washer of the dishes is the master of music for evening chore time.  The selection is varied and sometimes, like tonight, one of the choices resonates far longer than the tune lasts.

Sitting here, at the end of a very wet and rainy day, when all the sounds are hushed from the sound of the rain, with thoughts and prayers going out to my oldest son who is in Brazil, who’s photo I just saw online in a group of very excited people who look to be celebrating a win by Brazil in the World Cup (which I won’t even pretend to understand, as the world of soccer, to me, is in another realm), and another person commented on this very same photo that they had seen riots in the very same area, this mama’s heart lurched more than a little.

When the oldest Middle’s next song selection played next, I was instantly remembering this oldest son, sitting right here in this very room, playing this very same song on his guitar, at the end of a day in which the sounds were hushed by the weather outside. This very sweet memory was just the balm my heart needed, though I must admit that it has made me miss having all my children here in my home.

So, for my future memory, because I know I shall forget, and for your listening pleasure, the song is I See Fire.