New Weekend Traditions

backyard firepitKnitting by the fire

IMG_5744 roasting marshmallows blowing bubbles eating s'moresOur summer weekends have taken on a very nice new rhythm. One day to work, one day to play, punctuated throughout and always ending in the backyard around a fire, a hammock, a game, some bubbles, and maybe a little knitting. It is, I must say, a very nice change from our typical Get All The Things Done pace.

This slowing it all down is quite new to me, especially this time of year when I’m typically trying to get all the things planted in the garden, and weed everything that’s been planted, and get outside with our children, but get the inside projects done for the summer, and, well, there really is a whole lot of things to be done, and not a whole lot of summer around here to do it. But what summer we do have is quite glorious, and we have decided to take hold of it and love it and enjoy it while it’s here.

And so we blow bubbles and play games and eat way too many s’mores, and sometimes I get to knit a row or two.  And it is the perfect way to spend a summer weekend.