Moving Out

Our baby chicks have grown are ready to spread their wings, literally.  They moved from the kitchen to the garage only a couple of days after their arrival, but even their brooder home in the garage was getting a wee bit too small to keep them in and safe. So we repurposed the old turkey pen that was repurposed to a duck pen and is now a temporary home to the baby laying hens.

IMG_5853 copy IMG_5851 copy IMG_5848 copy

The goats were very curious about their new friends, and it didn’t take long for them all to meet and greet and become accustomed to each others’ company.  Which is good, because this is just a temporary home until we can expand the living quarters of the goat shed to accommodate these fine feathered friends.  We’re hoping that it will all be done before the snow flies, but right now it’s at the bottom of our project list.

IMG_5857 copy

IMG_5862 copy

The goats are very happy for the new company.

Smiling Goat