Bee on Chives

Feeling like this industrious little bee, I am. First the strawberries which are being picked and eaten every day now, though they’re being eaten just as fast as they come in, so I haven’t been able to freeze or preserve any yet. But I am hopeful. I may have to sneak the berries in when the Littles and Middles aren’t looking.

lemon balm basket

And so, while I’m in my very industrious gathering state of mind, my attention has been turned to the oregano and lemon balm that is just perfect for the picking. No need to worry about the children eating these as they come in, I gathered baskets-full and tied the herbs together to hang to dry. Oh, how fresh my living room smells with these bunches hanging by the chimney. While I’ve only ever made tea with lemon balm, I’m hopeful to try some other things with it this year.

What are you gathering from your garden?




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  1. Spring honey and blueberries right now!

    1. Oh, yum! Do you have your own bees? We don’t yet, but perhaps next year. Our blueberries won’t be ready for gathering until August. But based on the number of flowers we have, I’m hopeful for an abundant harvest.

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