Purging Project

First of all, hello to all who are visiting from Miss Mustard Seed! I can’t wait to try out the tips she suggested in her Styling Photos post. But they’ll have to wait just a little longer, as we are in the midst of a Great American Purging Project.  I can’t even show you any pictures of the inside of the house, because it really is That Bad.

So instead I’ll share a cute picture of Silas.

IMG_5729 copy

I found a Zorro cape that I made for our oldest son (who is 21), which was then worn by our middle son (who is 15), and, after a few minor repairs, it is now being enjoyed by our youngest son.

In the meantime, the inside of our house is very much in turmoil. You see, we’ve certainly outgrown our home, but we don’t want to move. And adding on is a project we dream of, but we aren’t quite there yet – not in time, money or concrete addition plans (there are SO many options!). So we are purging. Now, we’ve been doing this for a very long time, but we seem to be getting nowhere. So I’m pulling All The Things out of every room in the house (don’t worry, there aren’t that many rooms, see above for needing to add on), and trying to sort them all at once. Because sometimes you don’t see what you have until you see All that you have, right?

So at the moment, we’re in the “things look worse before they look better” stage. Well, I hope that’s where we are. Because it really needs to start looking better soon.

So, here’s another photo of Silas. He really loves that cape. It goes well with his bunny rabbit jammies, yes?

IMG_5723 copy