Bedroom Shuffle (before and during)

I hesitate a bit in showing you pictures of our bedroom. It’s about as plain as plain can be as far as bedrooms go. But I did a little reshuffle in there, and I think it looks much better.

Our bedroom is on the main floor of our cottage, and it’s right off the dining room, so I either need to keep the door closed, or else it’s on display for all guests to see.

It isn’t a pretty picture, but this is what we’ve been living with.


Now, just out of sight of that picture, are two bookcases on either side of the head of the bed, and at the foot of the bed is Silas’ bed, a desk and another bookcase. Really. All that in our little room. There’s just something about walking into a room facing the side of the bed that bugs me. Plus, it’s a pretty small room as far as master bedrooms go, and visually dividing it in half with a bed makes it feel even smaller. So, while we’re in sorting, sifting, and purging mode, I was inspired to tackle our bedroom.

While I don’t have an after photo (yet), here’s a during.

bed under windows.

You can see the bookcases on the right in this shot. But just moving the bed made a big difference. (Guess I should have straightened the blankets a bit before I took this, but I was trying to figure out where the bedframe should hit the window, and I was doing it with photos so I could easily compare side by side. You do that too, right?)  I know there are some who say that a bed shouldn’t be in front of a window, but I think it works much better this way. Don’t you?

I’ll keep on shuffling, and hopefully I’ll have an “after” picture I can share next week.