Times to Remember

I think, and having loved and talked with a few octogenarians and even nonagenarians (my family is blessed with longevity) I have learned, that the things we will look back on with fond remembrance doesn’t have a whole lot to do with what our homes look like or what our work is, but how we lived.  I don’t want those times to get lost in the shuffle, do you?
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This week the Middles were playing a rousing game of Wiffle Ball with some of their friends. The Littles aren’t quite big enough to join in the match so we ventured down to the sea. My husband’s day of slaying dragons was much longer than he had hoped, but he was able to put his sword away and join the family.  While the temperatures back at our cottage were rather warm (85 is considered hot around this Kingdom), down by the sea it was almost cool. The welcome breeze blew away the heat, the discomfort, and the thoughts of dragons.  And a pleasant evening was enjoyed by all.

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