This week in review

Because I seem to forget what happened one day before the next is even through, I thought I’d hit some highlights here. And I’ll probably edit this post as I remember more.

This week:

:: Was our first full week of school. But not, because Monday was Labor Day and husband was home, so we didn’t do any school work that day. And right now, at this moment I can’t recall what we did.

:: We went to the girls’ first gymnastics class. They loved it.

:: We also went to music lessons, karate class, and bible quizzing practice. I drove. A lot.

:: I found some fun deals at the thrift store. Sweaters for me, dresses for the little girls, fun hats, a tea pot and books.

:: I started working with Other People’s Children on a Bible/History/English class and a Writing and Grammar class. I’m a bit terrified of being responsible for the education of children who aren’t mine, but it will, I think, be great for us all.

:: I forgot my grocery list at home when I went to town. Twice.

:: The Middles headed off to kick-off camp for their bible quizzing group.

:: We went through a range of emotions trying to decide whether the Middles should try out for the local youth symphony. Husband and I know how amazing it would be for them. Husband and I know that it’s One More Thing on top of an already very busy schedule. Husband and I understand their hesitation to do something so new and foreign and sometimes think we should force them to do it. Husband and I don’t believe in forcing our children to do something that’s not required. One Middle really wanted to but was concerned about the time commitment. The Middles will not be trying out for the local youth symphony.

:: Silas thought that ketchup left on his plate would make great finger and body paint. I don’t think I’ll be giving him ketchup again anytime soon.

:: Our oldest and her husband and daughter arrived at their new home that is still Very Far Away, but is now in the same time zone. Hooray for not having to wait until 11:30 to say Good Morning!

:: The leaves on the trees are beginning to lose their green. Some are in full red and orange. It’s the first week of September. Is this normal? I don’t remember color coming this early before.

:: I have decided that I get much more accomplished when I follow a schedule and routine. I know this. I let go of it for a while. I’m embracing it again.

:: After many, many years, I can see the end of diapers. We’re not quite there yet, but soon. It makes me ridiculously happy.