Desperate for crafting – shaving cream window



We’re trying to limit technology. Again. We did a technology fast last year for a month, and it was pretty awesome (after the first few days). We don’t have cable or satellite television, but we do have Netflix, and if I don’t pay close attention, the Littles (and the Middles) will spend way more time watching tv than I’d like. So I’m trying to limit it without quite enforcing another fast. And let me tell you, those first couple of days are brutal! When children get used to simply being entertained by a box that hangs on a wall, it’s like entering mental boot camp to get them to engage their minds and creativity for a change.

IMG_6856-1 IMG_6857-2

So on day one, I needed something quick and easy to entertain them (so I could drink more coffee, of course). Shaving cream to the rescue!   A quick squirt on the door (any window will do) and they spent nearly an hour creating and “finger painting” on the window.  Of course, it resulted in a bit of a mess, but they were some seriously happy kids.


Score – 1 point for mom, 0 for tv!

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  1. I love the first picture of Sophie turned around. She looks like she thinks she’s getting away with murder 🙂

    1. They totally thought they were, especially Sophie. At first they just barely touched it with their fingers, and even that took some convincing, but they were quickly elbow deep, giggling the whole time. 🙂

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