Baking Tooth Fairies

Poor Sophie really felt like she missed out. Her birthday was a little over a month ago, and we celebrated with gifts and a treat at Sweet Frog with some friends. But she didn’t get a birthday cake, and she’s been asking for one ever since. So when I was looking for something quick to bake for a day of having five teens here for class, and she asked for a cake again, I had to oblige.


She donned her apron and quickly set to helping and was joined in moments by an eager little brother and older sister. We weren’t making a big cake, but fairy cakes instead, and the little girls especially loved the idea, talking about all the different kinds of fairies there are.


Zach walked into the kitchen mid-conversation:

Zach: “Sophie, what are you making?”

Sophie: “Tooth Fairy Cakes.”

Zach: “There are tooth fairies in the cakes?”

Sophie: “Yes.”

Zach: “What do tooth fairies taste like?”

Sophie: “Sugar!!!”


(No fairies were harmed in the making of the fairy cakes, though we did lose an egg or two.)

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  1. And she very graciously shared her fairy cakes. And they were yummy!

  2. That is absolutely adorable. Also, your pictures are great! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Also, you’re biased by the cuteness of your siblings. 🙂

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