Waking to Narnia

In true New England style, this post is mostly about the weather.


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An early snow came to our home over the weekend. Forecasters had predicted about 4-8″ for our area, but we ended up with far more – about 16″.  Our Middles were gone for the weekend, having taken a trip to Maryland with their Bible Quizzing team, and we were expecting them to arrive home Sunday evening.  The group made it to Maine, and even got as close as an hour away, but the road conditions and quickly accumulating snow kept them from getting any closer, so their trip was extended for another night and they all settled safely into a hotel. The rest of us stayed close to home, making sure the animals were safely inside, the stove was going, bellies were kept full, and my husband spent much of the time slaying the dragons that comes his way whenever the weather changes here in Maine (he was working).  The Littles spent most of the day plotting things to do outside, getting dressed to go outside, coming back in to warm up and dry off, and then repeating the process.  I spent some time wishing we had a mudroom to store all the winter gear that I had hoped we wouldn’t need for at least a few more weeks, trying to find wayward gloves, pulling snow pants and boots out of storage, painting some furniture, and drinking lots of coffee.

The snow is already beginning to melt, so this beauty won’t stick around long, but it was a lovely sight, waking up to Narnia this morning.

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