I’ve posted a few of Silas’ cute quotes and a couple of stories on facebook, but I want to be able to remember them later, and since I don’t have a journal, this is the best place to share and save them.

Silas: (limping in to me) “Mama, I have only one leg.”
Me: “Only one leg? What happened to the other one?”
Silas: “I fell off the chair very carefully all night.”

Silas quote: “My water runned out of batteries.”

Silas: “I’m hungry, Mama.
Me: “You just had breakfast, what do you want?
Silas: “Lunch.”

I think Silas is disappointed. I told them to get ready to go so we could run to the Post Office. He begged and begged to come inside with me. After we dropped off our packages and we were leaving he asked me why it’s called the “Ghost Office”. I think he was hoping for some bad guys or something.

Husband took the Littles out to run errands this morning. Sophie asked a sales clerk at every store if they carry the one thing she wants for Christmas. Wish I could have been there to see their faces. What did she ask them for? A unicorn.

Also, a few parenting truths:
1) Husbands who buy gum for only one child should be sentenced to 30 days of confinement with 3 Littles.
2) 50% of the toys are never touched. 40% is dumped out and left in the process of finding the 10% that is played with.
3) Children are only content when you aren’t busy. As soon as you’re busy doing something, they need you NOW.
4) Children only sleep late on the mornings you need to be somewhere early.