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20150102_animals_goats_001_blogcopyHello! Thanks for visiting. And Happy New Year!

We aren’t the New Year’s Resolution type (see here and here) .  We take stock in what we do on a regular basis, and make adjustments and changes as needed. We dove into this past holiday season with our eyes wide open, knowing that we were going to be making changes once the season was over, but wanting to enjoy it fully and not with the added burden of adjustments. And now, here we are on the other side.


This fall was about as crazy as we could get. Even going into it, we were extremely uncertain of how we’d make it through.   We survived, but we weren’t living. And I miss living. As I was out taking care of our outside critters the other day, I was struck with how much I enjoy it; greeting them in the morning, and smelling the fresh hay, hearing the gentle clucks from the chickens, and the “hurry up and feed me” bleating of the goats, feeling their soft, thick fur when I scratch behind their ears. I love that.20150102_animals_goats_006_blogcopy 20150102_animals_goats_004_blogcopy


We run a risk of turning the things we love to do into another chore to finish. Something to check off the list.  Feed critters – check, homeschool – check, make a good supper – check, eat with the family – check. Life isn’t about checking things off. It’s not about the Bucket List.  It’s about those moments in between.


We’re taking steps to get back to life outside the list.  We’re cutting back on our schedule, which is hard and calls for more sacrifice from some than from others. We’re changing what we eat. We’re simplifying our surroundings to get down to only those things we truly love and enjoy.  These changes aren’t easy, and they certainly can’t all be made overnight. But we want to live an intentional life. We want to fully embrace who God made us to be.  Some of these changes have been long in the making (hello, decluttering for years and never really getting anywhere?) It’s time to finish up and move on. Taking time to enjoy moments of quiet and taking time to see the beauty in simple things. It’s time live our lives off the list.

20150102_animals_surroundings_001_blogcopy 20150102_animals_surroundings_003_blogcopy
I wish you a wonder filled week, full of joy and peace. And no lists. 🙂

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  1. Your black goat looks just like my little one – “Spring”! I have been in that realm of surviving but not really thriving, and it is hard! I too am guilty of sometimes viewing even enjoyable things as just another thing to check off the list (and by golly, I do love lists). You’ve stated this so well – to live with fewer things and more gratitude and intention, certainly those are keys to a good life! Blessing to you and your family this new year,

  2. What a lovely post. It sounds to me like you’re doing everything right. I wish you only joy in 2015.

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