Norah’s Quilt

20140106_Sewing_Norahquilt_001_blogcopyBefore Norah was born, Cate fell in love with two quilts from one website, both a very crisp and fresh plus pattern. But not knowing whether Norah was going to be a boy or a girl, ordering one wasn’t an option. After Norah was born, the very one that Cate wanted , in the perfect peach and navy blue, was sold out. So, what’s a sewing Mama to do when her daughter really, really, really wants a very certain quilt for her brand new baby but can’t order it?  Well, this sewing mama sits down with pen and paper, figures out the pattern, orders the fabric and stitches it up.20150113_sewing_norahquilt_001_small

I do wish it was that easy. Finding the exact fabric for the back was a little difficult, but Cate persevered and found it here (Meadow Vale in Dark by Leah Duncan). Somewhere along the way my math was a little fuzzy and I cut my pieces out exactly 1″ too big, and sadly I only discovered that after I had stitched the entire quilt top together. The size would have been fine if I was making a toddler quilt, but not so much for a brand new baby crib quilt, so I had to cut every piece down to a smaller size and restitch it.20150113_sewing_norahquilt_002_small

And now, the quilt is finished and is in the wash as I type so that it’s fresh and clean for Norah to use as soon as she gets it in the mail.

(P.S. The original version of this quilt and maker of many others is here. She does beautiful work, and she hand sews all the bindings – not an easy task. So if you’re looking for a similar quilt and you don’t have a mama who sews, please consider ordering from her and supporting a mama owned business.)

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  1. Cate couldn’t have a better mama! The quilt is beautiful and I’m sure it will be treasured for many years to come.

  2. It looks just perfect! What a wonderful mother you are.

    1. Thank you!

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