Thoughts Spinning

My goodness I’ve been absent for such a long while!

We find ourselves to be in a season full of so much potential change.
I find my thoughts spinning out of control at times,
as one decision nearly made presents even more changes and choices to be thought out.

photo 3

So many things to be considered in every possible path.
So many people involved and wanting what’s best for all.
Knowing that some choices will set us down a path of no return.

A part of me wants to just keep going with the way we have been,
knowing this life and these surroundings and this schedule so well,
even knowing that it isn’t really working any longer.

photo 1

And another part of me wants to embrace all the changes –
shake things up and see how it will all settle out.

But, oh, some of this is hard, and some of this isn’t up to us to decide,
and we need to keep some measure of flexibility as the next few years (yes, years) play 2

As my thoughts spin out of control I found that some simple stitching,
the act of creating,
has been such a help.

photo 1

My hands have simple work,
my mind is finding some focus,
and I’m actively participating in creating something that has use and beauty.

photo 2

I don’t have answers yet,
and in some cases I don’t even know the questions to ask,
but I am finding my way.


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