Mom, Our Two Lips are Blooming!

Emma and Sophie helped me plant bulbs last fall. Emma had asked what we were planting and I told her tulips, and that they would bloom after the snow melted. So once the snow finally disappeared, Emma would ask, “When will our lips grow?”   The other morning, just in time for Mother’s Day, she looked out the window and said, “Mom! Our two lips are blooming!”  Yes, indeed, they are!  And so are so many other things.


After tarrying for so very long, Spring arrives suddenly here at our cottage. We have so many different plants and flowers to welcome us, most of which were planted by Jerry and Jane – the couple we purchased our home from. They created the most abundant flower gardens. We’ve only added a few things, and nature has removed some others.  It is, indeed, a most wonderful place to call home.


The daffodils, one of the first to bloom here create a sea of sunshine, (though the daphne bush and the crocuses bloom first, I always fail to capture them with my camera).


The forsythia is nearly done, changing already from it’s vibrant yellow to spring green as the blossoms fade and the leaves burst forth.


The grape hyacinths, small in stature but large in color and scent, bloom in clusters around the gardens. I’d like to plant more of them this fall. Someone please remind me, as I’m sure I’ll forget.


The star magnolias are magnificent. The one farthest from the house has such a heady scent that when the breeze blows you can smell it hundreds of feet away. The one closest to the house lost a number of branches from the heavy snow falls we had this winter, but it’s still full and beautiful.

DSC_7359 DSC_7368

My sweet husband moved my garden bench so I can sit and watch the bees.


The Johnny Jump Ups are popping up, doing just what they’re supposed to do. This soft violet is my favorite color, at least it is today.


The Bleeding Heart, one of my favorites. This shrub grows into a massive size before it stops blooming.


Paper whites are planted here and there. This is another bulb I’d like to add more of this fall. Please put that on the list of reminders.DSC_7378

And we’ve been treated by the arrival of an indigo bunting to our feeders this year. I’ve never seen one before, and its color is incredibly vibrant. I wish I could capture a better picture for you, but I don’t have a zoom lens, so this will have to do.



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  1. Your gardens are always so beautiful and peaceful. I could stay there there for days!

  2. It’s all looking so very colourful and beautiful – what a gorgeous spot you have!

    1. Thank you! We love it here.

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