Birthday Season

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Our family has a birthday season. Between myself, my husband and our seven children, all our birthdays are from April – September, and four of them are within three weeks of each other. Our wedding anniversary is also within that season.

Most recently, we celebrated Maddie’s 14th birthday. She wasn’t home for her actual birthday, as she was at the final retreat for the state bible quizzers. Not a bad way to spend a birthday. 😉  So, once she came home we had a quiet celebration with an ice cream cake – her favorite – and just a couple of small (in size) gifts.

Sophie was so very sad that she didn’t have anything to give, so we sneaked out to the yard before supper and gathered a bouquet of fresh flowers for giving. Sophie was so happy to have something to give her cherished sister, and she learned that gifts can be gathered and made and not always bought (something we’re trying to reach them all).

My grandfather’s 96th birthday was also celebrated quietly.  He enjoyed a nice day outside watching a parade (it was Memorial Day), went home for lunch and a nap, and then we all went out for frozen yogurt. Finding a gift for a man who doesn’t really need or want for anything is difficult, but a rope basket that can hold a few of his many little gadgets and gatherings was stitched up just for him.

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  1. So sweet. My two oldest are June bug babies, so we’re entering a birthday season of our own too, I guess!

  2. Wow your grandfather looks amazing to be 96 years old!! The bouquet of flowers looks so pretty and you are so right gifts from the heart that are handmade or picked mean so much to the person receiving them. Looks like everyone had wonderful birthdays.

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