Friday night on my way inside after taking care of the goats and chickens, I passed by our dog, Abby who was staring up at a tree. It’s common behavior for her, as she takes her squirrel and chipmunk chasing career pretty seriously. So as I walked by I glanced up at the tree to see if I could spy the critter she was stalking. And then I saw it, what looked from a distance to be a poor porcupine, sitting in the tree. And then the porcupine saw me and meowed.stray_4stray_1  stray_3 stray_2

Ah, not a porcupine, but a stray kitty. After sending the dog inside I was able to coax the cat down with a bowl of food. And it ate. And ate. And ate some more. And then the children all came out to see this cat, which, instead of running and hiding from the chaos (5 children all wanting to spy a new kitty can be rather chaotic, you know), she came closer and rubbed against everyone’s legs, asking for pets and pats.

We left some food and water out for it, and came inside for the evening, not expecting to see it again. But, the next evening, she was there again. looking for some attention, and meowing at the door. Surely this is no stray cat, but a lost cat instead. We repeated the petting and leaving of food and water Saturday night (please don’t tell my husband that you shouldn’t feed strays if you don’t want them to stick around). And Sunday morning she greeted us at the door. She hung around everyone all day Sunday, enjoying the company and even being picked up and carried around by all.

So, this kitty seems to have adopted us. She’ll be heading to the vet for a quick check to make sure she’s healthy before we bring her inside – don’t want to bring anything in to our Tinkerbelle cat. And then, if all is well, she will no longer be lost.

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