Making it home – Living room bookcase

I told you about and showed you the beginnings of our remodeling efforts a couple of weeks ago. After living with it for a couple of weeks, we all LOVE this bookcase. We’ve only tried to walk through it a few times. 🙂


I wasn’t going to post a picture until the books were perfect and pretty, but well, this is a used bookcase, not just for display, so this is as good as it will ever get.

The doorway that was here before was nice, but there were just too many openings into the kitchen.  We loved the openness of the floor plan, but there’s a lot to be said for walls too, especially in a small home.

This was from the living room into the kitchen. We moved a small bookcase into place to live with it for a couple of days just to make sure we’d like having it there, and not having the doorway.

From the kitchen into the living room (and the back of the “test” bookcase), there had been a built in bookcase on the side wall before. The buffet that is currently holding all our dishes and glasses was just in front of it. I should have taken the before picture while that bookcase was still in place, but I was too busy hiding in the dining room staying out of the way of demolition. The grate in the floor was only installed a couple of months ago to allow heat from the stove in the basement to circulate better, so we’ll need to figure out a new place for that. We used some Frog Tape to tape off where the new wall would be.

And then my husband framed out and built a new wall, just like that. 20150509_Remodel_doorwayduring_002_small
I’ll show you the kitchen side of things next. But right now, we’re seriously loving this new bookcase. Also? That green?  Loving it too. 20150615_Remodel_bookcase_001_small

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