I always want to write down some of the great things the children say. And then I don’t write them down. And then I forget them.


Silas:: “It’s time o’clock”, when showing me the “time” on the pendant he pretends is a watch.
Silas:: “It’s fourteen years ago.” When starting a story, looking at the same pendant.

Sophie:  “I want the cereal that has sugar on the top, nothin’ on the bottom.” (Frosted Mini-Wheats, always said with accompanying hand motions.)
Sophie:  “Can I have Bunchy-Bunchy Oats?” instead of Honey Bunches of Oats.
Sophie: “Can we start the fire and roast smashmallows?”

Emma:  “Can I have Honey Bunch of Boats?” Same cereal, different name. 🙂
Emma:  “It’s Josh’s song!” Every time we hear any song that was played by Josh or his friends at Ocean’s Edge.  There are a lot of them.