Just Say Yes

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I’ve been working on saying Yes to more of the kids’ requests. I can easily get caught up in all there is to do around our home, both work and play, and I’m a bit of an introvert these days. I’m perfectly content to just be home. But my children? Well, there’s a whole world of adventure out there for them, and I’m the taxi driver.   If it’s going to happen, it’s up to me.

So, the other day while we were in town, and Sophie asked to please drive by the water (and then walk by the water, and then take off shoes, and then just dip her toes in), well, what’s a Mama to do?  Say “Yes”, of course!  So for a couple of blissful hours when the clock all but stood still, we walked by the sea (and some IN the sea).

A cookout with friends? Well, the house is still not quite pulled together, but oh, it is summer and summer is all too short for us in these parts. So, Yes!  And for a couple of blissful hours we laughed with friends.

A trip to the park? On an overcast and slightly chilly day?  Well, Yes! We will!  And for a few blissful hours, they played together (I do love how well all our children get along so well). And we walked by the water. And what happens when you walk by the water? Well, of course the shoes must come off and the toes (and feet and legs and arms and, for some, whole bodies) must go in. And for a few blissful hours we enjoyed each others company and splashed in the lake.

So, I’m going to try to say “Yes” even more often. Because the work can wait, and the garden will grow (and so will the weeds, but that’s okay), and the sewing, well, I can do that later, when it’s dark.

What will you say “Yes” to more often?