Hunting for Treasure


20150627_Family_Backyard_006_small 20150627_Family_Backyard_010_small 20150627_Family_Backyard_009_small 20150627_Family_Backyard_007_smallWhile my husband was working on the addition, the Littles were eating lunch on the back deck. Husband was putting some roofing shingles on, peeling off the paper backing and setting it aside. A swift breeze came by, picking up one of the discarded papers and sending it down to the table where the Littles were sitting –  a brown paper, all rolled up.

“A Treasure Map!” They declared. And so ensued a treasure hunt in our yard. They obtained other maps, added necessary details, consulted their maps, and played and hunted and ran around – bad guys looking for the treasure apparently lurking around many corners.

A joyous afternoon of outdoor fun, all fueled by a discarded piece of paper. A day to remember.