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Once upon a time, there was a Little Cottage who was looking for a family. Not just any family would do, this Little Cottage was looking for a family who laughed and who loved and who would fill the rooms with joy. A family was found, and the Little Cottage was happy and full and bright.

The passing years brought more children into the home, and there was so much laughter and joy that the Little Cottage’s walls couldn’t hold it all in any longer.  The Little Cottage watched its family as they drew and sketched, plotted and planned, trying to find the perfect way to make the Little Cottage just a little bit bigger.

The family called others to see if they could help move the walls. Some came by and asked for too much gold. Some came and wanted to build bigger walls, or different walls, or change things that didn’t need to be changed. Some didn’t come at all, thinking that the land of the Little Cottage was too far from their own kingdoms and not worth the journey. And so, the family continued to draw and ponder and think of a better plan.

And so finally, one bright and glorious summer day, a plan that had been made on paper, one that made the Little Cottage smile in anticipation, was finally brought out of paper and pencil, and was made into real wood. This plan being as perfect as could be, because it wasn’t going to be built by strangers, but by those who knew the Little Cottage best – the family who lived there.  And the Little Cottage smiled as its walls began to stretch ever so slightly outward and upward, knowing that its family was not just building, but pouring more love and more memories into their home. Yes, the Summer of Building had begun. And all were so very excited about the new bedroom that was growing. And the Little Cottage wrapped its growing arms around its family and hugged them tightly, loving them all the more for making it even more perfect.

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