Something Simple

Amidst all the building activity we’ve had going on here (see this post and this one, and there’s this one, too, and even more I haven’t shown you yet), I needed to do something pretty simple, start to finish, done in just a snap. My ironing board volunteered for the task.

ironing board cover_002

The cover had been quite worn, and in fact, frequently fell off in the middle of ironing tasks, making a chore much less enjoyable. And I had this fabric that had been sitting around for a while. I had purchased it at a charity auction for a ridiculously low amount (apparently after languishing on a store shelf, never seeing it’s intended purpose as a slip cover). I had thought I could lighten the colors in it by bleaching them, which I’ve done before with other fabrics, but this one was color fast, even after soaking for a couple of days. So it went onto my own shelf, and languished longer.

Ironing board cover_001

When I happened upon it while searching for something suitable for an ironing board cover, it practically jumped off the shelf, so excited to find a purpose.  And then I flipped the fabric over to the back, and realized that the colors on the reverse side were much closer to the subtle look I wanted (in the photo above, the front of the fabric as printed is on the right, the left is the reverse side – much softer looking).  So a bit of cutting, and a bit more stitching (and then a bit of restitching, as I cut it just a smidge too small and needed to adjust the fit) and I have a new, much better fitting, and much happier ironing board cover. Far from perfect, but done. And it makes me smile.


What simple projects have you been working on?