Almost new

20150809_House_Furniture_stand_before_small20150809_House_Furniture_stand_after_2_smallThis little table has been living here for a couple of years, just begging to be made over. I didn’t really have a place for it or a purpose, so it just waited in line patiently for its turn in a very long line of things to be done.

But finally I had a moment and a vision and the table jumped out at me.  The knobs are original (beautiful glass knobs, oh my!), but the poor thing has been painted over so many times. While sanding through the hideous brown that covered it’s surface, I found white, a very happy green, and yellow.  So this table has been loved by many. I added my own personality to its history by mixing a bit of some leftover turquoise (from this project)  with a whole lot of creamy white and the result is this oh-so-perfect green and it looks nearly as good as new (well, new with a whole lot of character).

Now to rearrange some furniture to make room for it. I have a purpose in mind, but not the space. I need to fix that.