Closing summer


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Summer has been lingering long around these parts, though I’m not really complaining. The Littles still ask frequently if we can go to the beach, and it has certainly been hot enough, but I haven’t quite found the time (or energy or motivation) to get there, as Home has so many needs right now.  After a week of two of having downpours nearly every day, we haven’t had much rain, but lots of hot.  The trees are showing the first signs of color, and we’ve found a few vibrant red leaves here and there, but for the most part they’re looking rather crispy and washed out. I wonder if we’ll have a glorious fall or if it wall come softly and leave on a whisper.

We started school – my 17th year of homeschooling.  I wasn’t very excited about schooling this year, as the last few have just been so very busy and it was hard to stay on track and focused, but we’re off to a good start so far, so I’m hopeful for a nice rhythm to find its way into our days and weeks. It will still be a fast rhythm, but hopefully a manageable one.  We spent some time just walking in the woods on our first day, and I had hoped it would be a daily treat, but maybe weekly is better and more achievable.

We’re wrapping up some outside work and moving toward finishing things inside – just this past weekend we grouted the new tile in the mud room, put a new roof on the garage (it desperately needed it) and added a small deck off the mud room outside entrance.  There’s still much to be done, but we’re getting there, one project at a time.

I’m looking forward to an end to the current hot and humid haze in the skies, and to a beginning of crisp and clear. I’m trying hard to plan my meals a bit better so that 5:00 doesn’t happen without any idea of what we’ll be having for supper. I have a few (several) sewing and knitting projects lined up, but I still have a few to finish, and I’m trying to keep focused on finishing something before I start something else. Which is difficult as I’m usually more excited about the project I’m starting than about the project I’m ending. Anyone else relate to this?