Birthday Mermaids – Rosie and Rachel

Sophie turned six today. Six. Whoa.  She is the last of the four family birthdays in three weeks.  This girlie, she keeps us on our toes. Her “live in the moment” attitude, her deep belly laugh, her snuggly ways, her own unique sense of style.


She asked for a mermaid dolphin princess for her birthday. Well, I don’t know how to make that, but I did figure out how to make a mermaid.  I used the head and arms pattern from The Black Apple doll template (found here), and I drafted the body and tail and top.  I’m still not sure that the face is quite right, but it’s better than my first and second attempts.  Sophie named her mermaid Rosie. (And, obviously, Sophie still loves pink.)


Once Sophie got to know her new doll, she thought it would be great fun if Rosie had a sister, and if I could make another doll for Emma, that would be perfect. So, she set me to work first thing this morning, before my first cup of coffee, even! And another mermaid was born. This one is Emma’s, and she calls her Rachel.DSC_8217_small

And being that they share a birthday with Sophie, I’m sure they’ll have great fun together.DSC_8214_small

(Also, they do have arms, but the abundance of yarny hair covers the arms in every single photo I took. )