In Our Home

A list things that we’re doing lately – besides watching the most adorable kitten snuggles (they’re getting so big!).

What I’m cooking::
~ Bread pudding. For breakfast. Enjoyed by all but one.  I used this recipe, doubled.

What I’m reading::~ Harry Potter, book six. I’ve never read them before. Such good books!
~ We also just finished listening to The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. Zach really enjoyed this one with me.
~ I also just finished reading Girl with the Pearl Earring.  I enjoyed this one a lot, especially the way the author described the process of Vermeer painting.
~ I’m still listening to the Night Circus.  I started listening to it back in January and I still haven’t finished. It’s not because I’m not enjoying it, but I really don’t have a lot of alone and quiet time for listening to an audio book just for me.

What I’m knitting::

~ I’ve been working on a second Wonder Years sweater. I started this one for Sophie last winter, after having made one for Ali and then using the same yarn for a Little Coffee Bean sweater for Norah. I ended up running a little short on yarn to finish, so I set it aside for months. I finally just realized that it doesn’t matter if the sleeves are full or 3/4 length, and really, for Sophie, 3/4 length is perfect. So, I spent some time trying to remember where I was in the pattern and then convincing myself to pick it back up.  So close to being done!

What I’m thinking about::

~ Preparing the house for winter. We have the coal stove going and I had to do a really quick cleanup of the area around it, having used the stove and surrounding space for storage.  Our mudroom isn’t completely finished, but it is very much usable, so it’s time to move all the winter gear in and out of the basement.  I also have some sorting  and purging and rearranging to do in every other room in the house.