Costumes for Treats

After a week or two of getting to spend lots of time with my sewing machine, and loving every single second of it, and spending time thrifting and gathering bits and pieces for costumes, they evening finally arrived, and all our children (plus one) donned their clothing and accessories for a night of treat gathering.


We had two girls in poodle skirts (made with Scottie dogs instead), a Time Traveler/Nicola Tesla, Captain Hook, Alice in Wonderland, and the Little Mermaid in her pink ball gown.  I’m not sure who had more fun – me making and helping pull together pieces for the costumes, or them wearing them.

I used a vintage sewing pattern for the Alice dress, and made up the apron piece on my own. I took a picture of the back, because the bow is pretty awesome, but I need to find it.DSC_8558_small
The pink ball gown was a blend of a couple of different patterns and a bit of customizing to make it look more like Ariel’s.  Ariel's Pink Ball Gown
Captain Hook’s costume was also mostly gathered from here and there. We used his birthday Jack in the Beanstalk shirt and I made a quick sash to tie his sword into place.DSC_8556_small

DSC_8562_smallThe poodle skirts, while I was going to use a vintage pattern, were simple circle skirts with a zipper closure.  Couldn’t have been easier.  For Zach’s Time Traveler/Tesla costume, we found lots of pieces at thrift stores, and I modified a very fancy jacket into a vest for the night.  All pretty easy, except for the little girls’, but they were the most fun for me.


DSC_8567_smallWe joined some friends, and a few thousand other people we don’t know for an warmer than typical October 31 evening in Maine and walked and looked and laughed. And watched little girls play on the lawn, testing the spinning powers of their dresses. And saw so many great costumes, only one of which I was able to get a picture of – this sweet family with Snow White, Prince Charming and the Evil Queen. And in the background, you can see just a small sampling of the crowds out for the night. DSC_8581_small

And now we have a few more additions to our dress up box, so the play will continue for a long time, which is my favorite part.