Dreaming in Legos

DSC_8647-1DSC_8654-3DSC_8653-2 We still haven’t finished up the interior of our new mudroom ( here, and here) and bedroom  expansions in our home, but we’re using those spaces and loving every square inch we built.  So, of course, I’m dreaming about another home addition.  We love our home, and we don’t want it to be overly large, and I admire those who live well in small spaces. But the reality, for us, is that we are a family of seven (plus two adult children, son-in-law and grand babies who visit and parents and friends we’d like to be able to host better) living in a home that was built for two. We homeschool, we all have creative hobbies, we make a point of eating all our meals together (minus Papa for most breakfasts and lunches).  This house works very hard for us.

I was sitting at our table the other day, talking with my husband about the possible ways we can make the house work better, with the smallest amount of adjustments in construction necessary.  I don’t sketch well, so I needed something tangible to show him what I was thinking and for him to play with on sizes and spacing and wall placement. What better way to build a model than with legos! So we pulled out the pieces and our table became a design center.  And we played and built and imagined.  It wasn’t long before the fun pulled the others over, and the kids joined in designing dog houses, and cars, and more buildings and secret rooms. And we all dreamed in legos.