Happy Living Room Curtains

The living room of the cottage has had the windows dressed for some time with panels of discarded old lace, which have been quite lovely and allow the sunlight to dapple through the panels and create the prettiest patterns on floor and rug. But with the decorating of the cottage for the upcoming celebration of the Birth of the Great King, I thought upon those old lace panels and wondered if something different and brighter and less old might look nice.

I happened upon a length of drapery that was so very wide and long it must have come from a castle remodel. And I happened to ponder that the lining of these discarded castle-sized draperies were exactly the linen look I was searching for. As I failed to plant and harvest flax of my own to weave into just the perfect cloth to dress my windows, the discarded castle drapery lining was removed from the discarded castle draperies and cut down to size into eight perfect little panels. A bit of stitching then took place, and last night I placed my new crisp white linen looking curtains in the windows of the cottage living room.  And I stood back and smiled at them, for they make me happy, indeed.


I have asked the local blacksmith to create new rods from which my happy new curtains can hang, but he tells me his forge is undergoing an extensive renovation and rebuild, so my happy curtains will rest from the old rods until he’s able to fulfill my wish.  And I think, perhaps, the windows will need a bit of whitewash to brighten them. But, alas, the whitewash mixer has many orders to fill before mine, so that will wait for awhile as well.  Until then, I will gaze upon my happy little curtains and enjoy them as they are, hanging joyfully in the living room windows of our cottage.