When the Girls Bake, a poem

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It happened one day,
that two young maids,
had a hunger for something sweet.
So they opened the cookbooks
and looked all around
for recipe of something to eat.

They spied just the one,
and read it aloud
and checked it once and then again.
For this recipe was perfect,
just the right match to make
and to share with a friend.

They added some flour
and sugar and lard
and mixed it and mixed it some more.
Such fun they had,
baking together,
with smiles and laughter galore

The cookies were shaped
into balls just so
and coated with sugar all the way.
Then they dipped the sweet balls
into light red and green
adding color to brighten the day.

Into the oven
they put the trays,
watching the cookies bake.
Then the cookies came out
from the oven to cool.
And the girls had to patiently wait.

“Just a taste, Just one more!”
They asked over and over.
Eating cookies once meant for a friend.
The jar emptied quickly
and soon, none were left.
“Oh, please, can we make them again?”

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  1. Beautiful memories and a poem to boot! Priceless!

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