Maddie’s Room Remake

Under the chapter of “How we Shuffle Five Children into Two and a Half Bedrooms”, we updated Maddie’s room. I had hoped to get to it before Christmas, but busy happened and I just never found the time.  So it was one of the top projects for us to tackle in 2016.

We loved the color that was on the walls before (Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams, diluted to 50%), it just wasn’t the look she wanted. And, well, paint is the easiest way to remake a room.  Here’s the best picture I have of it before, taken right after we painted it last time.20121024-090024.jpg

For family and friends who follow along, when we first moved here, Zach and Maddie shared the room at the top of the stairs and Josh had the room on the right. The “loft” was used for office and sitting and overflow. When Josh left for school (and never came back, rotten child 😉 ), Zach took over his room on the right. Maddie had the “loft” space and Emma, Sophie and Silas shared the room at the top of the stairs.  Then we added onto the “loft” and made it a full bedroom.  It’s the biggest bedroom so it was only fitting that it go to the three sharing, so Maddie was shuffled back into the room at the top of the stairs.  Everyone following?  These are not important details, but, goodness, we shuffle bedrooms a lot.

Back to our project – we moved all Maddie’s things into the hallway for her bedroom remake.  Tripping over furniture every time we went upstairs gave me the motivation to get the room done quickly!  We painted her walls Simply White by Benjamin Moore, freshened the window trim and baseboards with the same color as before (White Dove by Benjamin Moore) and painted the floor Gray Owl (also a Benjamin Moore color).

Ta-Da!! MaddiesRoom-1-1It’s so clean, and fresh and bright!  We moved most of her things back in after a small amount of editing. It hasn’t been Maddiefied yet, but I have a fabric swatch ordered for curtains and she has some decorating plans and I need to try to find a way to cover her very pink chair. But so far, it’s perfect. MaddiesRoom-2-2 MaddiesRoom-3-3 MaddiesRoom-4-4

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  1. Oh, it looks lovely!! I’m hoping to get some painting done here this year, too. (Hopefully before planting time!)

    1. Thank you! We have several more spaces we’re trying to freshen and I agree – once planting season starts it’s hard to get inside work done.

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