New to Me Baking Counter

Upon finishing the wall, floor and trim painting of  Maddie’s room I still had a lot of afternoon left. With the paint in one hand and a still loaded paintbrush in the other, I walked by the buffet that I had recently moved from our garage into the kitchen.
And I heard a whisper, “Psssst!  Psssst! Over here.”
It called to me.
Beckoned me.
“Come closer,” it said.
And I walked closer.
“Hello, pretty buffet. I’m glad you’re here,” I said.
“Paint me,” it pleaded.
And without thought, I started.

EverAfterCottage Buffet Before

Just the side, I thought.
I’ll just paint the side.
Just to see how it will look.
And so I painted the side. And a small bit on the bottom.
And I loved it.

And the buffet said, “More!”
And so I listened and painted more.

And then, before I knew it, it was done.

EverAfter Cottage Buffet After

And this previously abandoned in a second hand store buffet took on new life.
And the feet are so very pretty after a pedicure, yes? Buffet Foot After-3

Then I sanded the top.
(Yes, it should have been done first, but the buffet would not wait for that.)
I cleaned it and sanded it and oiled it.
And it glows.
And looks beautiful and loved.
And is quite ready to be baked on.
I tested its baking counter abilities with a batch of our favorite Banana Bread. The buffet is very accommodating and enjoyed its new life. Banana Bread-1