Hello, February

First, please note that I live in Maine. It is nearing 50 degrees today, February 1st.February-1
Also, please note that because of these unusually warm days, I checked on my bees. After lifting the 500 pound bench seat off of them (I got my workout for the day) and fumbling with the locking strap thingie that doesn’t unlock unless you’re a man, the bees are alive and well and still have honey stores (at least in the top hive body) and sugar that I gave them. One of the bees thought it would be quite fun to ride on my jacket and come inside, but I coaxed her back to her hive and friends, having explained to her that her bee friends are much better company for her than us humans.  I have decided that I’m very good at beekeeping, because they haven’t died yet, and therefore we should get 4 more hives.  I shall let you know what my Husband thinks of this incredibly brilliant plan.

In other news:

  • The chickens are pecking at patches of bare ground revealed by the melting snow.
  • The goats are frolicking near the fence close to the house.
  • The bees are alive and well and are wondering where the flowers are in this early spring.
  • The cats are all perched on windowsills enjoying the fresh air coming from the slightly open windows.
  • I am wondering if perhaps we should have tapped our maple trees to take advantage of a first run of sap as the days are warm and the nights are cool, but it seems far to early to be thinking of such things.
  • I somehow missed a January 31 deadline to order trees because I somehow thought that there was still another week left of January.
  • And even though I have thoughts of spring, I’m casting on for a new wool sweater for my youngest boy, because the calendar tells me he’ll still be needing it. February-2

Happy February to you!