For Want of Buttons – Annabel Cardigan

I don’t remember exactly when I finished this sweater, but my Ravelry notes tell me I started it in May, 2014.  I think I finished it in the fall of that year, but I’ll give myself a bit of procrastinator grace and go with January of 2015, that way it doesn’t look like I’ve been sitting on a nearly finished sweater for more than a year.

Annabel-1Finished, however, is up for debate. Because the sweater was done. And I even wore it on an occasion or two. But I never put the buttons on.  I actually even had the buttons. I bought them when the sweater was almost complete. And then I thought I misplaced them.  Turns out I had put them in the same bag as the sweater, so I wouldn’t lose them. Hmmm.

In a frenzy of trying to complete unfinished projects, I dug out my Annabel and sewed on my buttons and I’ve been wearing it nearly ever day since then.  I love the color. I love the fit.  I made the sleeves longer than the 3/4 length in the pattern and made them longer than full length. I love that I can fold them up when needed or keep them down when my hands are chilled.Annabel-2

I seem to be lacking some skill in the “Selfie” area, so this morning I asked my daughter to snap a couple of pictures for me, which she did with much giggles and glee (Emma is 7, hence the rather unflattering level of photo, at least that is what I shall tell myself).

 Sharing with Ginny at her weekly Yarn Along (though I am obviously lacking in the reading department this week, as I’m between books and haven’t decided what to read next), and with Nicole at her Weekly Craft On link up.

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  1. Lovely cardigan, looks so squishy and warm with all that garter stitch. Love the colour of yarn you’ve used too

    1. Thank you, Evelyn! It is such a comfortable sweater to wear, and I love the color – such a change from my far too typical dark colored wardrobe.

  2. The weird thing about the Annabel cardigan is that it’s a kind of a flattering cardigan. Even though it’s thick and kind of *just* a cardigan, it’s flattering. Beautiful color!

    Came here from Ginny’s YA.

    1. You are so right! I was a little worried that it would look bulky, but it doesn’t. The fit is much nicer than I expected.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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