Apple-Picking Dress in Blue

appledress-2appledress-1 With the change in the weather, everyone is reaching for more spring-like clothing these days, but I’m finding that much of what fit the children last fall just doesn’t any longer.   Up on the project board was the Apple-Picking Dress by Oliver +S.   I pulled some fabric out of my stash that I surely bought with the intention of making a dress, as I had just the right amount, measured both my little girls to see what size to make and, finding that they can both wear the same size, this dress came to be.  I did have a bit of a problem with the placket, as it seems that the pattern piece is about 1/2″ too short.  (It may very well be that I made a mistake somewhere, as I couldn’t find any errata on the pattern regarding the placket, so if you make it, make sure the placket is the right length for the bodice before cutting.)

So, a blue dress came to be. I wasn’t sure which girl would want this one, so they both tried it on.  Emma was very excited with it, but I heard Sophie whispering, “I hope it doesn’t fit me. I want a pink one!” as she tried the dress.  So, it seems, that Emma has a new dress, and I have a new project – an Apple Picking Dress in Pink.

P.S.  I’ve toyed with the idea of making all their clothes myself, especially after watching the documentary True Cost  (warning: there are some disturbing scenes in the movie.)  I doubt I’ll be able to sew everything myself, but I’m definitely going to try harder to make more of our own things.  If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s an educational watch.  I knew some of what was covered, but I had no idea the impact, environmental and economic of all the thrift store donations made.  I don’t know what the answer might be, but it’s something to ponder and consider and try to change within our families.