Things they say

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Silas runs in from outside: “Mom! We need hot water! Can you get me hot water?”
Me: Why do you need hot water?
Silas: Because we need it, can you get it?
Me: I need to know why you need it first.
Silas, sadly: Oh, but you probably won’t let us if I tell you.
(Parenting rule # 376: If they don’t tell you what they want to do, you probably don’t want them to do it.)

So I convinced him to tell me. They need it for the worms on the driveway, because “They’re dying and they need hot water!”
Me: explain that hot water will kill them.
Silas: Oh, can we have cool water then?
I fill up the watering can.
(Parenting rule #37: Say yes whenever you can.)

Yes, my children are outside playing with worms. I’m more than okay with that.


Maddie: Silas, how many hot dogs do you want for lunch?
Silas: I want one, and then another one.
Maddie: So you want two?
Silas: No. I only want one and then another one.

Math proof by a four year old – 1+1 does not always equal 2.

The things they say, keeping me laughing (and on my toes) all day long.