A Very Silly Story

It was an overcast day.  The sun wasn’t shining yet, the rain had fallen early in the morning, when the early sky hadn’t quite awakened yet.  Four silly chickens were out searching for their breakfast.   Suddenly, they heard a sound. They looked up?  What could it be?Animalhelper-1

They asked the goats. “Do you know what makes that noise?”  The goats didn’t know.Animalhelper-5

They talked and clucked and worried over it. (The chickens did this. Goats don’t cluck. Or worry.)Animalhelper-3

Ahead on the path, the chickens saw it.
A beast!  No, not a beast.
A giant! No, not a giant.
Just a Silas.Animalhelper-2

Silas laughed at the silly chickens.

“I’ve only come to gather your eggs and fill your feeders,” Silas said.  “Follow me.” Animalhelper-4And the chickens were happy.

Upon returning from his morning mission, Silas found a friendly cat.  The cat knew who Silas was and napped in his lap.  Animalhelper-6Silas laughed at all the very silly animals.Animalhelper-7

A Story doesn’t need to be perfect. Sometimes it just needs to be written.