Baby Chicks

Husband was working on a project over the weekend and needed to run to the local hardware store for more caulk. Not because he needed more, he had plenty on hand, but he recently cleaned out his work space and rearranged everything and the previously purchased caulk was no where to be found.  So a quick run to the store was in order.   Not very long later, Sophie ran into the room and excitedly told me, “Papa’s home!!” Now, they’re always very happy to see him, but the enthusiasm this time was a bit unusual, so my Spidey senses were tingling.babychicks-1

Seeing all the Littles clustered around a wee little box was my first clue. Hearing the gentle peeps was my second. Yes, in addition to the needed caulk, was a box of baby chicks.  I had wanted to order from the hatchery earlier this year, but the breeds I wanted were already sold out, so I never placed an order, thinking that I would have to wait until next year for baby chicks.babychicks-2

I asked Husband why he bought them, as we had recently talked of trying to reduce the number of things we have to care for.  His answer? “I have no idea.  I walked by and they just called out to me. And I wanted eggs.”  Yes, he’s a big old softy, though he’d never admit it.babychicks-3 babychicks-4 babychicks-8 babychicks-7 babychicks-6 babychicks-5babychicks-16  babychicks-14babychicks-9

So, we now have a batch of chicks living in our bathroom.  I had thought that our last batch was only 2 years old, but my math has been wrong – they’re three.  Which explains why we get very few eggs. It also means that Silas gets to enjoy the holding and playing with the babies, as he was too young last time.  He’s introduced them to his toys, and we watched them play out a new version of “Are You My Mother”. babychicks-15babychicks-11babychicks-10babychicks-12babychicks-13