What do May Showers Bring

Growing up,  I remember being told that April showers bring May flowers (what do Mayflowers bring? Pilgrims!).  But that was in a state a bit south of where we live these days.  And the April showers are more like April snows. The showers come in May (though some of the flowers do too. )

rainydays-6 rainydays-5 rainydays-4 rainydays-3This week has been mostly rainy, and when it isn’t raining, it’s cloudy. It makes me wish I had planted more in my garden by now than just peas.  But at least the peas are in and are getting lots of watering.  We all run outside whenever we have a chance, and I was able to get our goats out into the hidden field for a bit of grazing, but we’ve been doing lots of indoor things this week.

kitchen-1I finally finished painting a couple of walls in the kitchen.  Nice and bright and white and clean and crisp.  I love it. So much better than patched drywall, yes?  Crown molding needs to go up still, and we have a few plans for the kitchen to (hopefully) get it finished this year.  We’ve been living with it in various states of construction for three years now.  I miss having countertops to prepare food on and cabinets to keep my plates and glasses clean.

rainydays-2Fort making has been a theme, and lots of board games with the Littles.  And even after busy days inside, they’re quite tired at the end of the day, pulling a book for evening reading.  More often than not, one or two are asleep before the reading ends.rainydays2-1 rainydays-7 rainydays-1

I love this time of year – days of completely brilliant weather where all you can do is be outside from dawn till dusk, punctuated by a few days here and there to bring us back inside. It’s a nice transition time after a long winter.