Making books

artbooks-2 artbooks-1 artbooks-3 artbooks-4Inspired by my friend, Tonya, the Littles and I made “May” books last week.  It hit the creative spot for them.  The books didn’t turn out quite like I had imagined, as I thought we’d fill them with all things about May, but they girls decided to fill them with anything they thought about that day.  Perfect, yes?  The little girls had so much fun in the making that they asked if we could make more books.

This time we went for a more detailed book for them.  We stitched pages together to make a signature, made a cover, taped together the two cover pieces and then glued the signature front and back pages onto the cover and they ended up with more of a real book.

artbooks-5 artbooks-8And then they filled them with stories.  Emma’s story is about an Artist, Sophie’s is about a Scientist.   They’re off on more book making adventures. Small books for dolls, large books for a little brother, some for filling with words, and some for pictures.  Making books – a great way to spend a spring day.