Ever After Cottage Cinderella Doll

It looks like this is turning into a doll blog.  I didn’t mean for it to do that, but dollmaking is what’s happening in my life right now, so doll posts are what you’re going to get. 🙂

DSC_0608-2I just finished making this one.  I never really plan how they’ll look, the dolls just sort of take on appearance as my hands work.  This one started the same as the others, a blank slate waiting for an expression and personality.  Once her hair was stitched down we picked out fabric for her dress, and she asked for this pale blue fabric, and “could you please make me a flower for my hair?”, so of course I had to oblige.  And then she turned into a fairy tale.  I didn’t really plan for her to be Cinderella, but that’s who she is.  I felt much like her fairy godmother while I was sewing her dress.

We decided to go out and play in the garden for some pictures.  She pretended she was watching for the carriage to carry her to the ball. DSC_0607-2She pretended she was running away after the ball and pulled her hooded cloak up for disguise.  DSC_0611-2She pretended she was greeting the handsome prince who came to sweep her away to his castle.  DSC_0610-2She’s very good at pretending.DSC_0612-2

While I’d love to keep all the dolls, and the children would be very happy if I did, there’s only so much room in our little cottage, so this little one has been listed for sale in my Etsy shop.

And I forgot to mention it here the other day, but if you purchase one of the dolls from my shop, enter coupon code FIRSTDOLLS for a 15% discount.  The coupon is valid through July 31, 2016.  I’m a new seller on Etsy and I know you don’t know my work, so I thought this would help.