Finishing touches

We built our new mud room/laundry room a year ago.  We hadn’t planned on waiting a year to paint, but once construction was done winter set in and the space was used to hold all the winter gear that is required for a family living in Maine.  While summer is traditionally a season for getting outside and enjoying the time in the sun, it is, for us, a time to get projects done that we don’t have time for during the very busy school year.  And so, paint.


Is it wrong that the first thing I did this morning was walk to this room and just enjoy the calm?  What is it about shaker pegs that elicits such a tranquil feeling?  Soon enough, they will be covered in all manner of coats and snow pants and scarves and the baseboard will be hidden behind at least seven pairs of boots, but for now I’m enjoying the timeless minimalism.


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  1. Just beautiful! I love it!!

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