Board and Batten and Fairy Houses

boardandbatten-0958 boardandbatten-0957 sticks-0972 sticks-0974With the heat of the summer moving behind us, Husband The Amazing spent some time working on wrapping up the outside of the kitchen addition.

He doesn’t love working with vinyl siding, and while it has its benefits – namely easy maintenance – it is lacking a bit in the “character” department.  Part of what we’ve always loved about old houses is the history of additions made over time.  It gives a character and depth to what might otherwise just be a box.  Because our addition looks like a porch that was enclosed to make a larger kitchen space (even though it was never a porch but was built from the ground up for this project) we’ve been consciously keeping “enclosed porch” as part of the story, and as such we thought about using a different material for the siding.

We looked at a few different options but hadn’t found anything we loved until a recent construction project at Husband’s workplace where they used a product that he really liked, so he bought some for us to try.  It’s called Veranda HP.   While we generally lean toward natural products, this one isn’t, though it is recyclable, unlike many building materials.  He really liked that he could use regular woodworking tools and didn’t need to buy anything special, and he said it was pretty easy to work with.  (I feel like I’m doing a product review.  I’m not.  The company doesn’t know we exist.)  We really liked that he could do pretty much whatever he wanted with this product, and we’ve always loved the board and batten look, so that’s what went up over the weekend.  As you can see in the pictures, the chickens have become his adoring fans, following him everywhere.  It made it a little hard for him to work, but we all giggle at his Minions’ antics.

The Littles, inspired perhaps by the building happening on the outside, spent some time working on fairy houses on the inside.  They got about half way through construction and then decided to scrap the project, but that’s okay when we’re building with craft sticks. I’m not really sure what Silas’ face is telling us in that one picture, but I’m glad it’s happening with a fairy house project and not with our life sized one.  🙂

What’s happening in your world? Any fun projects?